FieldRise Sustainability
starts with
Finding Common Ground

Farmers, agricultural experts and the families they feed have a new and better way to help everyone grow healthier together.

FieldRise has an easier way to measure and advance farm and consumer sustainability practices. People who take the FieldRise Frontier survey get a report back on their sustainability practice adoption, and ideas for improvement. We also help fight misinformation about farming and food.

FieldRise helps everyone find common ground around improving how we produce, market, and share the food while reducing the negative impacts of feeding 7.5 billion people 365 days every year.

FieldRise Sustainability starts with Finding Common Ground

Farm Sustainability starts with Finding Common Ground

FieldRise supports the sustainability of farmers and the families they feed using independent science and field-level realities to increase food security and help everyone find common ground.

Calling all Farmers

If you want farmers to be at the center of the sustainability conversation instead of the target, click here. Our mission is to help farmers fight back against the misinformed marketers who are making people afraid of farming and food, and driving family farmers out of business to “save the planet,” or to make their corporate sustainability report look good.

Improve Your Family’s Sustainability

Click here to measure and improve your family’s sustainability with help from farmers and agriculture experts. You also can save money (soon) while making the world a better place.

Farm Sustainability Program Help

Click here if you run a sustainability program and you want to speed results, reduce costs, reduce risk, and get more farmers and consumers to participate.

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