John Osthus

The FieldRise team is hosting a webinar on July 1 at 2 PM or July 14 at 2 PM Central Time that we hope will start a positive new sustainability conversation.

Everyone agrees food sustainability is a top priority. But too many people also agree vitally important progress can be too complex, too slow, too costly, too subjective, and too controversial.  As a new sustainability practice measurement company called FieldRise, we aim to help change that. Our webinar will cover:


  1. Building bridges between diverse viewpoints
  2. Speeding practice and outcome measurement success
  3. Ensuring sustainability program objectivity
  4. Getting farmers enthusiastic about having their sustainability measured
  5. Harnessing geek science, Greek math, obscure sociology and unusual marketing to depolarize viewpoints and guarantee greater measurement program success


The FieldRise Frontier sustainability measurement and outreach program was created by the family farmers of 12 state and national crop and livestock associations who teamed up with University of Wisconsin faculty to develop a breakthrough way to move food sustainability forward faster. Our peer-reviewed methods proved successful on more than 1.2 million acres, in 20 states and provinces with more than 1,200 crop and livestock farmers.  FieldRise is a private spinoff of that pilot program.

We hope you will join us.

Webinar Links (Identical Sessions):

Wednesday, July 01, 2015 at 2:00 PM Central Daylight Time.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM Central Daylight Time.

Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0156 Conference Code: 220284

John Osthus

The link between science and communications is especially important in a sustainability context.  The closer the claims to the facts, the better the decisions about sustainability status and how to make grounded improvements.

Here’s an interesting business focused on the art and science of communications.