National Geographic Addresses Future of Food

John Osthus

The December 2014 issue of National Geographic has a couple of excellent articles on the future of food. A few highlights from a sidebar:

  • The world’s farmers produce about 2,868 calories of food per day per person on the planet.
  • The World Food Programme recommends an intake of 2,100 per person.
  • The world doesn’t have a food deficit but individual countries are short because of problems with access.
  • About 805 million people don;t have enough to eat.
  • Key access issues include incomes and food prices, transportation.

There are brights spots:

  • World hunger has dropped 40 percent since the 1990s.  (209 million fewer undernourished people.)  Source:  Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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John Osthus

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