Analytic Methods Key to Sustainability Measurement Objectivity

John Osthus

Sustainability assessment data anchor a wide range of sustainability decisions and marketing claims, and being objective about how survey data are weighted is key to knowing current practice adoption — and identifying realistic goals.

This system is the foundation of our FieldRise Frontier Sustainability Scorecard system, which helps quantify and visualize practice adoption intensity.

The FieldRise stewardship assessments are simple for farmers, but the way the surveys are constructed and how the Frontiers of Sustainability results are calculated are innovative, and covered in this paper destined for the Journal of Environmental Management. Please click here to see the article.

FieldRise Analytic Innovation- Peer-Reviewed Journal Article 2015


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John Osthus
John Osthus

John has nearly three decades of agrimarketing leadership experience, helping build stronger relationships between business, people and the environment. John has applied a life-long passion for farming, business strategy, science (and food), to proactively help address sustainability challenges.

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