FieldRise Program: Simple and Powerful

The FieldRise program is as powerful as it is simple, and it is easy for farmers. No other measurement system comes close. It is a system that documents success today while empowering realistic continuous improvement.

  • Farmer associations and the supply chain support the program, and individual farmers pay nothing.
  • A voluntary online questionnaire asks about sustainability practices. It takes about one slow cup of coffee to finish the crop-specific and whole-farm sections.
  • All personal answers are confidential.
  • The questionnaires can be custom designed for each sponsoring association to meet the needs of different crops and regions.
  • Sponsor associations get solid data to use with farmers, food companies, media or consumers to prove farmers are doing good work and are on the right track for tomorrow.
  • Repeating the assessment shows progress over time.
  • Food companies can draw from association data to show their customers that FieldRise farmers are on the right track.
FieldRise Sustainable Agriculture

Our Team

Meet the FieldRise Team

Pilot Participants:

A brief list of the organizations that participated in our Pilot launch

  • Potatoes (WI), 57,000 acres (90%) potatoes, 200,000 whole-farm acres for the WPVGA
  • Midwest soybeans, 274,000 acres soybeans, 700,000 acres whole-farm for USB, WI, IL Soybean Boards
  • Sweet corn, green beans (Midwest), 45,000 acres for MWFPA (UW lead)
  • Cranberries (WI), 14,000 acres (70%) completed for Ocean Spray/WCB/UW
  • U-Pick strawberries, 600 acres, for WI Berry Growers/UW
  • Mint, 11,000 acres, for WI Mint Growers Association/UW

Our Recent Top Projects

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